Mr.Kaplan | Comedia/Drama/Thriller


Equipo y Reparto

Escrita y Dirigida by Alvaro Brechner
Protagonizada por: Héctor Noguera, Néstor Guzzini, Rolf Becker, Nidia Telles, Leonor Svarcas, Gustavo Saffores, Hugo Piccinini, Nuria Flo
Producida por Alvaro Brechner, Mariana Secco, Roman Paul, Gerhard Meixner
Fotografía: Álvaro Gutierrez
Arte: Gustavo Ramírez
Vestuario: Alejandra Rosasco
Editor: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Musica: Mikel Salas
Cancion Adicional: Serge Gainsbourg
Producida por: Baobab Films, Salado, Expresso Films, Razor Film Produktion, ZDF/Arte, Memento FIlms


Irritado por su vejez y aburrido de su monótona vida, Jacobo Kaplan es invadido por la angustia del olvido. Un chiringuito de playa le dará una última e inesperada oportunidad de lanzar su vida a una aventura épica y extraordinaria: el dueño, un solitario y veterano alemán, despierta las sospechas de ser un fugitivo Nazi. Clandestinamente, Kaplan recluta la ayuda de Wilson Contreras, un ex policía más leal que honesto. Juntos se lanzan a desenmascarar y llevar al alemán a la justicia, en una alocada y quijotesca investigación.

Festivales y Reconocimientos

Premios Goya, Nominado a Mejor Película Iberoamericana - Academia de Cine España
Nominado a Mejor Película Iberoamericana - Premios Forqué
Uruguayan candidate Best Foreign Language Film - Oscar Academy Award
Ganador Mejor Película Iberoamericana - Mar del Plata Film Festival
Ganador Mejor Actores - Biarritz Film Festival
Ganador Mejor Actores- Montecarlo Film Festival
Ganador Mejor Guión - Festival de Cine de Huelva
Nominado a Mejor Película - Premios Platino 2015
Nominado a Mejor Director - Premios Platino 2015
Nominado a Mejor Guión - Premios Platino 2015
Nominado a Mejor Fotografía - Premios Platino 2015
Nominado a Mejor Arte - Premios Platino 2015
Nominado a Mejor Montaje - Premios Platino 2015
Nominado a Mejor Sonido - Premios Platino 2015
Premio Ariel, Nominado a Mejor Película Iberoamericana - Academia de Cine México
Nominado a Mejor Película – BFI London Film Festival
Ganador Mejor Película, Mejor Director, Mejor Guión - Asociación Uruguaya de Críticos.
Nominado a Mejor Pelicula - Chicago, Palm Springs, Havana, Busan

Crítica y Prensa

"Mr. Kaplan probably represents Uruguay’s best shot ever at making the final-­‐five shortlist for the Best Foreign Language Oscar… this highly amusing crowd-­‐pleaser serio-­‐comedy has already chalked up a number of festival outings. Eminently likeable, it has tangible commercial potential as a niche release abroad even without shortlist support." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (US)

"This is a slick package all the way, lively and ironic." VARIETY

"For Brechner, nothing human is alien. A thriller that takes humor, pain, mixing it with ultimate truths of life and death." EL PAIS

"Told with heart throughout, Alvaro Brechner delivers a hugely entertaining narrative alongside a take- home thought of how far we’d go to honor our heritage." THE LONDON WORLD

"Mr. Kaplan feels Alexander Payne-esque with its quirky but grounded sense of humour and a human substance to a slick cinematic style. However, it’s more sprightly than Payne’s work, and delightfully so." AWARDS CIRCUIT on Mr Kaplan

"Uruguay's Foreign Film submission is a thoughtful and rewarding joy to watch. I would not be surprised to see it up on the Kodak theatre podium. Mr. Kaplan is a film that takes itself seriously enough to have weight and depth to its characters and themes, but not seriously enough to still have fun while doing it. They main couple make a wonderful twosome, both in their comic and tragic moments." AWARDS CIRCUIT

"A delightful take on our desire to feel a purpose in our lives. The film is charming and enjoyable. It’s a neat consideration of ageing and the battles we create for ourselves in order to feel necessary. While touching and warm-hearted, the comedy throughout stops Mr Kaplan from fading into over-sentimental cheese. " SOUNDS AND COLORS

"A truly hilarious dramedy, combining humor with swift and intelligent composition of complex characters" LA REPUBLICA

"Brechner again makes an intimate film that uses comedy and tragedy alike" -­‐ Mathias Davalos, Uy Press

"Shot in Uruguay, this film is a wonderful explosion of colour and sunshine… shows Brechner’s exceptional storytelling skill at work. He has a wonderful ability to comment on the frailty and contradictions of human nature while never passing judgment. Instead we see storytelling that takes difficult ideas and the unpalatable parts of human behaviour and looks at them with a respect and humour that allows the audience to be conspirators rather than judge. He also shows his ability to portray characters that have real depth; this film looks at both the small and big moments that make up a life." LOOSE (UK)

"Una pequeña nueva joya de Álvaro Brechner que no hay que perderse." VIDEOROMO

"A darkly comic and cynical Uruguayan thriller about The Holocaust. " MOVIE NATION