Bad Day to go Fishing | Comedy/Drama/Western


Cast and Crew

Written & Directed by Alvaro Brechner
Starring: Gary Piquer, Jouko Ahola, Antonella Costa, César Troncoso
Produced by Alvaro Brechner, Tomas Cimadevilla, Alvaro Brechner, Virginia Hinze, Adolfo Blanco
Cinematography: Álvaro Gutierrez
Production design: Gustavo Ramírez
Costume designed: Alejandra Rosasco
Edited: Teresa Font
Music: Mikel Salas
Production companies: Vertice 360, Baobab Films, Expresso Films, Telespan, Bavaria Film GmbH


Jacob van Oppen an old wrestling champion and his manager Prince Orsini arrive at a small South American town, on a promotional tour. Everything breaks loose when a massive young shop stewart, who on the insistence of his pregnant wife, decides to challange the former champion.

Film Festivals and Awards

Nominated for Golden Camera Grand Prix
Cannes International Film Festival
Official Selected for
Cannes Critics Week
Foreign Language Film Candidate (Uruguay)
Oscar Academy Awards 2010

Winner Best First Film
Los Angeles International Film Festival

Winner Best Film Free-Spirit Award
Warsaw International Film Festival

Winner Best Ibero-American Film
Mar del Plata Film Festival

Winner Best Film Fipresci Award
Sofia International Film Festival

Nominated Best Film
Nominated Best Actor
Nominated Best Screenplay
CEC - Cinema Writers Circle Awards (Spain)

Winner Best Screenplay
Lima International Film Festival

Winner Best Film (Jury & Audience award)
Austin International Film Festival

Winner Best Music & Best Screenplay
Toulouse Film Festival Cinespaña

Winner Best Screenplay
Aubagne International Film Festival

Winner Best Director
Brooklyn Film Festival 2010

Official Selection - Montreal, Shangai, Chicago, Guadalajara Palm Springs, Busan, Stockholm, La Havana, Moscow, Haifa

Winner Best Film
Winner Best Director
Winner Best Actor
Iris Film Award

Winner Best Film
Winner Best Director
Winner Best Actor
Uruguayan Film Critics Association

Reviews and Press

"Brechner composes a completely one-of-a-kind film, which is unlike any other, and which is one of the most surprising debut films in Hispanic cinema in recent years." CAHIERS DU CINEMA

"Uruguayan director Alvaro Brechner’s ambitious debut is something like a retro "The Wrestler" by way of the Coen brothers with sharp production values and a fair share of pulp fatalism." VARIETY

"The result is one of the most promising debuts in that new generation of Uruguayan filmmakers that lately lives a continuous creative miracle." FOTOGRAMAS

"Briskly paced, nicely lensed and engagingly quirky." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Behind this poetical and prophetical title, lies an improbable western. Alvaro Brechner reminds us of the Cohen Brothers from the outset. An endearing and bitter-sweet comedy." L’EXPRESS

"Brechner introduces the viewer into an epic atmosphere, close to the western, with rare mastery in a first play. The Golden Chamber would be widely deserved. " AGENCE FRANCE PRESS

"A gripping opera prima, marks the confirmation of Brechner as one of the leading filmmakers of his generation". CINEMANIA

"Tender and surprising. One of the most promising debuts of the decade. " FOTOGRAMAS

"Bad fishing day is one of a kind; a magnetic rarity with a recognizable cult movie aura to come.." GUIA DEL OCIO

"A great reflection on the showbiz, a world of illusion, deception and small concessions to reality" EVENE

"His story, which speaks of redemption, love, survival and pathos, is deeply human." OBSERVADOR

Making Of

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